Shortly after Test 1 here comes Test 2 of ZODTTD’s PSX4ALL/PSX4iPhone port for the GP2x.

Release notes:

Here is the direct download link to psx4gp2x v0.1.2 Test 2:

It’s been a long time since a psx4gp2x version has been made, so the change list is very long.
I can tell you that the newly redesigned frameskip has been helping things a lot. Also the dynarec has been remade. Performance has increased quite a lot.

I just got done playing a game on my GP2X @ 266MHz. Buster Bros Collection, with sound on and interlace off, ran at 60FPS steady in-game, and the menus went way too fast, sometimes 120FPS. Frameskip works well on it’s various settings and due to the way it must be designed, it doesnt skip certain frames, so things are kept smooth even on really high frameskips. Wipeout XL is amazing to see! 🙂

While there is still more to be desired, this is pretty exciting news. So my todo list contains:
– Further improve the dynarec.
– Tweak some default settings so compatibility is higher while maintaining performance. Thing includes the psx cycle setting.
– Enable BIOS emulation option in the menu.
– Enable the use of external menu systems. 🙂
– Check if save states are working. Both save states and memory card saves are implemented.

Direct link to discussion thread for chat and support: