Qtopia is a platform for embedded Linux-based mobile computing devices such as personal digital assistants and mobile phones. It was developed by Trolltech and ported to GP2x by Ikari/NK.


1. Achieved compatibility with Zaurus’s ipk packages. (Not all applications working.) (To add new applications, you need to download the utilities from below URL and follow the included guide. http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/gp2x.cgi?0,0,0,0,15,2073 )
2. Battery applet and Battery saving functions are now enabled. (Turn off screen is enabled. Brightness adjustment is not supported.)
3. Added Korean font and Korean Input Method.
4. Fixed the pixmap crashes at displaying alpha-blended pixmap.
5. Can adjust volume with GP2X’s volume button.
6. Removed some unnecessary multimedia libraries.
7. F200 Firmware version 4.0.0/4.1.0 are supported. If you’re using firmware version 4.0.2/4.1.1, then execute qtopia_411.gpu. Otherwise if you’re using firmware version 4.0.0/4.1.0, then execute qtopia_400.gpu
8. Fixed the problem that Application Widgets are hide below the Input Method widgets.
9. And modified some bugs. (These are not important.)