Here is the latest REminiscence (Flashback) binary for GP2X. This version (v0.4) is the next public one after (v0.1) since v0.2 and v0.3 were private.


– upgraded to REminiscence 0.1.9
– upgraded to minimal library SDK v0.C
– adjusted default clock to 100 mhz now
– released source code
– added voice.vce speech file from sega cd american version (voice.vce as rs.voc)
– fixed support for different languages in movies
– fixed glitches in movies (thx cyx! 🙂
– improved sound quality
– changed inventory handling (improves playability)
– changed gamma to 1.20 (looks nicer now)
– changed volume down + start to exit
– removed password screen
– removed SDL (smoother now)
– added fullscreen support (press select)
– added language support (english, french, german, spanish)
– added level selector screen
– added R button as A (improves playability)
– optimized now. got smoother gameplay (if possible)
– removed start key to avoid conflict while playing
– added volume controls
– fixed initial hangup in some GP2Xs
– fixed sound sampling rate