This is a clone of a great Flash game called TextTwist. The basic idea is, you have a 6 letter word that has been jumbled up and you must find as many of the 3, 4 5 and 6 letter words that can be made from it in the time allowed. You must get at least one 6 letter word to progress to the next level.

Release notes from PurplePup:

This update mainly addresses touchscreen support for the F200, and the sound (MOD music) volume problem previously reported.

Menus and in-game play now fully support touchscreen, with single and double tap operation. Double tap menu items to select, single tap letters and the new icon controls in-game to move/select letters or word definitions.
See the readme.txt for more information.

I don’t have a F200 so Micah Stetson pointed me in the right direction with some code changes I could build on, and testing was done through mouse support on the PC and passing the binary to Micah for approval. Hopefully I haven’t broken it in this final build.

Anyway, hope it works on the F200, and you like it.