Beside “Smallball in Changeland” the author Imerion is also working on an Asteroids clone called “Rocks” (for now).


I am currently working on an Asteroids-clone, currently titled “Rocks”. The name will probably change though.

Anyway, the plan is to make it quick and fast, like my previous game Smallball in Changeland. One game round should not take more than a few minutes, so you can pick up and play it anytime. However, this game will have a lot more depth that Smallball.

Currently, the game is planned to have six different levels, with different environments which affects gameplay. One of them, for example, has a black hole in the middle constantly dragging players and asteroids in. There will be weapon power-ups to pick up and apart from the asteroids there will be other random enemies to look out for. The game also has an interesting shield, which deflects any single asteroid which hits you. But if you move towards them yourself it won’t work and it will neither work if more than two rocks hit you at once. The shield can also be “released” which destroys all nearby asteroids but leaves you vulnerable.

This is pretty much the current plan for the game.
Now, the reason for this rather long post is, does anyone have any ideas of things to add to the game? I’d be happy to hear any suggestions which might make this a better game.

Also, here is a very early screenshot. It doesn’t do the game justice though. The moving background and particle-effects are barely visible and some of the graphics will be redrawn. But it gives an idea of what the game is like.