rRootage is an open-source “bullet hell” abstract style shoot-’em-up written by Kenta Cho from Japan, ported to GP2x by Senor Quack.


* Many optimizations in the OpenGLES drawing code. More complete conversion to fixed-point math, along with ARM ASM fixed-point divide and conversion of float divides to multiplies where possible. Now most any scene is 20-60fps. Levels 8-10 are not as smooth as the PC version but still fairly playable.
* Custom configuration utility allows overclocking of CPU and RAM timings, reconfiguration of controls in both rotated and normal modes, selection of rotated or normal screen, disabling of music, and selection of laser to be on or off by default.
* Support added in OpenGLES code for drawing texture effects that were missing before.
* Slight changes to default control schemes but, again, these are now configurable by the user.
* Sound is now at 44khz instead of 22.5khz. In version 1.0, the OGG files were re-encoded to fix a problem with the first song that only seems to surface on ARM architectures. However, with version 1.1, I instead replaced just that one song with a wav decoding and the other songs are original. Overall music quality is now as good as the PC game.