Help hungry Rabbit eat as many carrots as he can! Traverse the void in death defying leaps, one false move and Rabbit will join the Great Bunny in the sky! The platform gaps get wider, and Rabbit runs faster – how long can you keep him running? Can you stop him tumbling to his doom in the bottomless abyss?

Release notes from GRZ:


i ported “Run Rabbit RUN!” to gp2x, it’s a full 3D game which use the 3D engine Irrlicht, i ported the latest version of this engine on gp2x too (use SDL/two software rasterizer), some would say that it’s unplayable but actually it’s pretty good, the only problem i got is that i can’t stay with original models which require too much polys for the gp2x, so if there is a 3D modeler somewhere who want to do 2-3 very low polys models (actually there is only 3 “floor” model, one rabbit models and carrot to do), it would be cool, i think even billboards would be sufficient for carrots/rabbit. 🙂

I compiled an alpha version with original models replaced by quick simple primitives (box etc, ~70polys on screen) which run at 14/15fps without overclocking and memory tweaks (20fps at 266mhz), also it use the first software renderer which have clipping problem, it’s pretty unoptimized since the game use alot of real-time stuff to check collisions etc… sorry for F100 owner, my irrlicht port has no pads events, only touchscreen. (it will be fixed in a final release)

Download link for the alpha port:

Controls: Only touchscreen since the game need only one button to play, just press to jump. 🙂

Models are in .obj format and can be textured, more type of floor can be added too. (check the media folder)