DJWillis let Guyfawkes of know that he has released a new test release of the port of ScummVM to the GP2X.

Here are the release notes:

To coincide with the open testing requests for DreamMaster’s new Lure of the Temptress engine and the recent testing requests for additional games using the AGOS engine I have done a quick SVN build of ScummVM for the GP2X.

This should also serve as the first testing pre-release of the upcoming version of ScummVM (due early next year).

Bug reports welcome on any supported engine or aspect of the port. Please put them in the tracker (or at least on the GP2X ScummVM forum) or they really stand very little chance of being fixed 🙂

Both the F100 and F200 (touch screen) are fully supported but as usual this build is, as yet, untested due to the fact I lack a GP2X.