Snake On Dope (SOD) is a basic game of snake – its just this snake likes to indulge in recreational drugs.

The aim of the game is to navigate the various levels eating eggs whilst avoiding the walls and your own tail. In Dope mode there is an added factor – for every 3 eggs eaten the effect of the dope increases and the screen begins to wave, a little at first but it won’t take long for the whole screen to be waving madly. You also score an extra bonus each time the effect increases. For those who can’t handle the dope mode there is also included a classic mode.

The game also supports several control methods: Joystick/Joypad, A/B/X/Y keys, Shoulder keys (L) rotates Anti-clockwise rotates Clockwise, Touch Screen. – You can also control all menus using touchscreen if you want.


30 Levels
Chance to win bronze, silver or gold medals on each map.
2 Game modes
8 music tracks
Separate highscore for each map/mode
Several control methods
Adjustable game speed
A few secrets