Squidge released a first version of his Nintendo SNES emulator for the GP2x. It is classified as a techdemo.

Thanks to GP32x for the news.

Release notes:

Still very basic, but it runs some roms quite well, like Super mario world. To use it you need to unzip the contents to the root of your sd card, and the rom you want to use needs to be called”snes.smc”and be in the same directory. To exit the emulation press the ‘start’ button.

At the moment, it’s in 100% C apart from the cpu core, which is in asm (taken from yoyo’s little john palm). Once it’s usable, I plan to implement more asm and speedups.

Note that this is classified as a ‘techdemo’ – it’s not currently playable. The only button that will do anything is ‘start’, which exits the emulation.