Sqdef is a tower defense game. The goal is to prevent enemies from getting from one side of the map to the other, by placing towers along their way. There are 9 different buildings, with upgrades, tech research, difficulty levels, and a whole lot of maps to try your defense skills on!


– fixed money going negative (thanks prairiefire)
– added status messages to the loading screen
– fixed crash when selecting maps with large hiscores (thanks the_fizk)
– fixed a rounding error when upgrading a turret more levels at a time
– fixed crash when loading a saved game from a map that does not exist anymore
– fixed the cursor not automatically selecting a building after loading a saved game
– fixed crash at the splash screen if you did not skip it in 2-3 minutes (thanks yaustar; that was a weird, weird bug)
– fixed the selling menu appearing too fast after just building the secret tower