STPPC2x is a GP2X port of Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection, a set of 27 addictive logic and puzzle games.


– Implemented pause on the Start button.
– Added game configurability for all games under the Pause menu.

This greatly increases the potential of the puzzle collection and lets you configure the types of puzzles in all manner of ways. So you can play bridges on a giant board, cube with an octagon, dominosa with more dominoes, solo in a number of different ways, net so that the board “wraps” and a million others.

The Pause menu hides all the configuration, and you have to start a new game from there for the options to take effect. The games will tell you if you have set options incorrectly, e.g. tried to play on a -1 x -1 board etc.

– Bonus points for anyone who finds the “hidden” jigsaw mode Sudoku.
– Added loading of game instructions from text files on the Pause menu (press “Help”).
– Anti-aliased some parts of the display, e.g. text, lines, etc.
– Background colours tweaked slightly.
– Compressed all executables with UPX, reducing their size by 50%.