STPPC2x is a GP2X port of Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection, a set of 27 addictive logic and puzzle games.

Release notes:

PLEASE NOTE: This release is a bit of a leap in how the collection operates. It is recommended that you create a new folder for this version – the directory structure has changed significantly. INI’s and SAV’s from previous versions are, of course, still compatible but may need a little renaming (same_game.ini to samegame.ini or rect0.sav to rectangles0.sav, etc.)

So, what’s new? First, we have a fantastic menu drawn and programmed by juanvvc.

Many thanks to juanvvc for the great work on that, I think it really makes the collection look much neater and more professional. In fact, it works so well with the games that it is now the default menu, even on my own GP2X. Eventually, it’ll get merged into the program itself so that there’s just one piece of code for the whole thing.

The games are now just one program and one menu to run that program. If anybody still wants to be able to run each of the games individually as they did before, give me a shout, because I still test the games individually on my own machine. If there’s demand, I can do two different releases – one with a single executable, one with an executable for each game.

There are also three new games: Slide, Sokoban and Maze 3D.