Ur-Quan Masters is an open source port of Star Control II.


* USB joystick support for 1 or 2 players, out of the box. Since the main UQM port’s control configuration is not
complete yet, I spent a week writing a custom control configurator. You can customize all controls for the GP2X and USB Joysticks 1 & 2. Launch “uqm2xcfg.gpe” to use it. UQM2X now has better joystick support than any other port. In fact, it has better joystick support than the native PC version itself. Joystick controls are preset for two Logitech Dual Action controllers.
* Altered some bilinear sprite-scaling code to work properly with 16bpp surfaces. Bilinear scaling is now used for all sprite scaling. As a result, smooth-scaling mode is now full-speed and is the new default for melee fights. This includes fights in the single-player game.
* Adjustable TV-Out support. Game now detects TV-Out mode and adjusts screen resolution appropriately for PAL/NTSC. At the main menu, you can adjust the screen centering by holding the R-trigger button and moving the stick/DPAD.
* Mapped control for searching for star names via the starmap: press B in the starmap to bring up a prompt.
* Mapped control for quitting super-melee mode: SELECT is the
* Diagonal controls are fixed.
* Further speed improvements to planetary lander: Smoother than ever, but RAM tweak in GMenu2X MUST be enabled to see the improvements.
* Full-screen blits are now handled by a custom ARM ASM routine. TV-Out mode does now allow this, however, so a slight overclock when using TV Out might be necessary for smoothness if you play the single-player game. Melees are always full-speed no matter what.
* Squidge’s MMU hack is now loaded to speed up blits.
* Internal sound mixing is now entirely done with integer math.
* Options in the setup menu that don’t work with the GP2X version are not saved. This includes control re-configuration.