ZodTTD and Senor Quack updated their port of TTD.


* You can now push and hold Control anywhere on a window and drag it. This
allows complete use of windows that won’t all fit on the small GP2X screen like Difficulty
Settings and Patch Configuration. Credits for some of the code goes to the PSP port author,
Jaime Penalba.
* Cleaned up window placements of difficulty settings and patch configuration.
* Fixed cut-off text and windows in newspaper articles.
* Added TTD’s UNICODE TTF support, made TTF font drawing default to better
support foreign languages (all except Asian languages which will need a
separate TTD2X add-on pack)
* Added cheat menu hotkey: A+B+X+Y
* Added new command-line parameters:
1.) -p XX changes the normal cursor movement rate to XX, values can be 1-29
2.) -P XX changes the fast cursor movement rate to XX, values can be 1-29
(defaults for both of these are 3 and 12 respectively)
3.) -X (capital X) allows swapping of triggers when in F200 controls mode
to be mouse clicks instead of the usual Control/Shift keys.
This is to answer a request from a few users.