UAE4ALL is an Amiga emulator for GP2x. This release is based upon v0.7.2a sources by Notaz.


– now it’s possible to put uae folder in any directory (before uae4all crashed further the third subdirectory)
– no more problems with long name file and no limit for number of files in the rom folder
– changed browse system file for the roms dir: now it’s quick with plenty of rom files too. Besides Up/Down (keeping pushed to move on), there are Left/RIght to jump 16 files and L/R shoulder to jump 32 files
– improved user GUI code (W.I.P.) and reduced menu font (thanks to Eraso)
– improved mouse speed
– improved user GUI navigation (buttons repeat)
– added “Save General configuration” and “Save configuration for current game”
– added “Save Script for current game”: it makes a script file to launch a specific game directly (using GMenu2X or default GP2X menu). If it used during emulation (having enabled it in the “More Options” menu), it makes automatically an icon taking a screenshot from the current game (32×32 px)
– added Eject option for all drives
– added X button to go back to the main menu (such as START/HOME)
– added everything new option for the command line
– now emulator remembers last selected device input (mouse, joystick, or keyboard). For more comfort, default device is mouse.
– default games navigation folder is now “roms”
– compiled with “profiling” option
– added new menu “More Options” with the following settings:
– Video Mode (moved from main menu): to choose between PAL and NTSC video mode (it needs to reset the emulation)
– Autosave (moved from main menu): it allows in-game saves
– Status ln (moved from main mnu): shows fps and drives status
– Memory Chip Size: it’s possible to choose between 512KB and 1MB RAM chip (it needs to reset the emulation)
– Number of drives: it’s possible to choose from 1 up to 4 drives. It needs to reset emulation to take effect. IMPORTANT! To insert adf disks into each drive (in Filemanager section), the buttons are: B for DF0:, Y for DF1:, A for DF2:, X for DF3:
– Use Autofire: helpful in some shooter. If it’s enabled, you can switch on/off during emulation with Y or stick click
– Enable Screenshot: when enabled, it’s possibile take a screenshot with Y (it works only if joystick device is selected). Images are saved with progressive name (shot0.png, shot1.png, etc.) in “screenshots” folder (png format)
– Enable scripts: when enabled, you can make a script file during emulation pushing Y (it works only if joystick device is selected)
– Skip intro: when enabled, skip the uae4all splash screen
– Kickstart: you can choose between 1.3, 2.0 and 3.1 kickstart version. To take effect it needs to reset the emulation. Moreover, the kickstart roms must be put into “kickstarts” dir and called “kick13.rom”, “kick20.rom”, “kick31.rom”. If there aren’t during the uae boot, the emulator will search “kick.rom” in the main folder
– Enable HW scaling: it’s useful to be visibile the whole screen for some games such as Project X, T-Racer, All Terrain Racing, Tearaway Thomas, GemX, Benefactor, etc.
– Joystick config: besides the standard controls, it’s possibile to use X for UP direction and B to fire (and viceversa)