critical has updated his port of UAE4ALL (UAE for DC) for the GP2x. Release notes:

New things (all Chui and fox68k’s work, just adapted for the GP2X):

  • SuperThrottle – Hold down the right trigger first, then whilst still holding it, hold down the left trigger too. This will disable sound and set frameskip to 10 to speed things up. This trys to speed up intros and general loading time.
  • DF1 support – To insert a disk in DF1 instead of DF0, use the X button rather than the B one. You can eject DF1 with the ‘Eject DF1’ menu option. Tested with Lemmings.
  • Compatibility – Now runs the Three Stooges, for example.
  • Faster – seems faster to me, and handles sound better.
  • Menu shortcuts – L brings up the load dialog, R runs, Y ejects DF1.

    I’ll fix up the things that I broke doing the merge whenever I get time (Faked sound doesn’t fake anything, zipped file support doesn’t work at the moment).