M-HT and Senor Quack updated their X-Com port for GP2x. Note: The Original X-COM: UFO Defense Version 1.4 required!


List of changes:
* renamed configuration file UFO.cfg to Ufo.cfg
+ working intro
+ added a sync call after saving a game
+ working sound
+ working music

changes by Senor Quack:
+ F200 touchscreen support for both left and right-handed users.
+ Battlefield scrolling and geoscape rotation macros.
+ Battlefield “View Level Up/Down” macros.
+ Geoscape “Zoom In/Out” macros.
* More flexible button remapping.
* Few minor bug fixes: Cursor movement no longer sticks when game is paused and cursor is moving.
+ Made sample and music volumes independantly adjustable
+ Added direct adjustment of GP2X volume through /dev/mixer