Dave ported his GP32 Spectrum emulator ZXGP32 over to the GP2x.

Release notes:

I ported my GP32 spectrum emulator across to the GP2X. I was a little disappointed with the results for the following reasons.

The GP32 could run 48K games full speed at 66Mhz, the GP2X needs 120Mhz (120 v 160 respectively for 128K games). Considering they are using exactly the same z80 core (just with some data tables moved around to comply with Linux’s more stringent assembly rules) I find this rather baffling, maybe it is because the GP32 is a simpler device.

The emulator pauses for a split second every now and again, I don’t think it is the code directly causing this (as again there were no issues with GP32) but I wonder if it is because I’m am using bad coding techniques under Linux.

Every now and again the emulator freezes completely, I suspect this and the point above are related but I have no idea what the specific cause is.

There are other issues I don’t understand, currently the emulator runs in a while (1) {} loop, but I wanted to add the option to quit back to gmenu, but something as simple as changing it to while (quit_emu==0) {} causes the emulator to crash.

TBH, I’ve got to the point where I’ve lost interest in it a bit but I thought I may as well post it into the file archives ( http://archive.gp2x.de/cgi-bin/cfiles.cgi?0,0,0,0,72,2724 ) and include the source in case anyone with a lot more talent for coding than me fancied fixing it. If anyone does, please try your best to refrain from pointing out what a mess my code is!