SlipWays is a PICO-8 game by krajzeg. Drag the map around using the right mouse button or the SDFE keys. Click to drop a wormhole that will become your starting point. Then click and drag to find some planets, which you can colonize with your chosen industry type. Drag from planet to planet to connect them with a slipway. Try to connect planets that make stuff with planets that need it. Buy structures by dragging them from the bottom-right corner. Research technologies from the top-left corner. Click the heart symbol to check your score.


* After you supply their basic needs, farms now develop an additional need for organics to fertilize them
* “Geneseeds” and “Xenofoods” technologies were overhauled to make them more focused and useful
* “Drillbots” were made slightly weaker – less productive on gas giants and iceballs
* Organics production on xeno planets is slightly lower now (but they’re more useful!)
* Several techs had their costs tweaked to better match their strength
* Slipgates (only the base ones, not infragates) are now much cheaper to build at 10$
* When colonizing a planet, tooltips now show the names of the resources, so that you know that organics is the green one 😉