Aquattack is an action packed, fast-paced 2D scroller combining true arcade gameplay with sensational 3D graphics. Aquattack captures the player in an underwater adventure, commanding an advanced research submarine equipped with the latest technology and weaponary. Sheer wit and quick reflexes are required to overcome the obstacles ahead.

Aquattack comes packed with the following features :

1) Multiple levels, each with their own unique objectives (only level 2 has been implemented for the competition).
2) Full 3D objects and terrain.
3) Post Processing techniques (Bloom, Shockwaves).
4) Extensive use of particle systems for explosions, projectiles and other effects.
5) A multitude of powerups affecting submarine behaviour such as weapons, speed, health and score.
6) Reactive Artificial Intelligence.
7) Multiple enemy types, each with their own behaviour.
8) Rigid body physics and collision detection.
Playable on both XBOX 360 and Windows.