tmbinc has updated his GPU library.

Release notes:

First, here are the promised slides for my Breakpoint 2008 presentation about “Gaming Consoles for demosceners”: breakpoint-2008-slides.pdf

Then, I’ve updated my GPU library a bit. The biggest thing was a rewrite of the interface, so now it’s all encapsulated into a nice API. I’ve also added some features (stencil buffer ops, drawing with index buffers), and fixed a LOT of bugs (for example vfetch patches on more complex shaders). The updated GPU library, included the mentioned “spinning cube” example, is available.

Also, I’ve ported some existing code to my library. A simple test scene looks like this:

This is a per-pixel lighting shader with stencil-based shadow volumes – and obviously 3 cubes. I thought it looked nice enough to put it here.