1timeuser.com are running a coding competition for PSP and NDS.

Rules Of Competition

1) Sony PSP & Nintendo DS submissions only.
2) Must be a new Application/Game or a significantly updated version of a Application/Game.
3) No sprite/Graphics/Music limitations apply, you may use what you wish.
4) Entry MUST include (as first screen) the 1timeuser.com Coding Competition 2007 splash screen.
5) No restriction on coding language used. Any language is fine.
6) Competition starts now (18/7/07) and the deadline day is (30/8/07)
7) No entry’s will be accepted after the deadline day.
8) Prizes will be sent out within 3 days of competition ending.

PDRoms-Team note: We haven’t heared about 1timeuser before, so we can not assure you that the competition is fair. The page is updated pretty rare and none of the mentioned names seem familiar to us. Of course this does not say anything about being reliable or not.