Just 10 minutes ago I had a look on the Minigame Coding Competition 2003 homepage and noticed a couple of new Atari 2600 games there. In detail:* SCSIcide by Joe Grand (4k game)* Jammed by Thomas Jentzsch (4k game)* Climber 5 by Dennis Debro (4k game)* Space Treat Deluxe by Fabrizio Zavagli (4k game)* Skeleton+ by Eric Ball (4k game)* QB by Andrew Davie (4k game)* Oystron by Piero Cavina (4k game)* JoustPong 1K by Kirk Israel (1k game)A few games were allready seen in the public, but changed or optimized for this competition in most cases.http://starbase.globalpc.net/minigame/