News directly from FX-Man, organizer of the ADIC 2004 competition:

About the ADIC 2004,As I had some computer problems, i cannot update the official website, so, here are the last news.- the limit to send your creation is now the 2nd of January 2005 midnight (as I’m going on holidays, I won’t be able to get mails before this date, so, I prefer to give you this opportunity)- Here is the list of the jury : Hando (GP32x), Anarchy (GP32Spain), Llowiz (GPZigi) and Shikijo (GP32News)- We have a new sponsor ! ShibuyaGames will offer 3 Blue Angelo !A few reminders :- If you already send a version of your creation and update it before the time limit, send it to us ! We will only consider the last version.- your files must be fxe or fpk and not gxb- all competitors will receive a gift. But, GP32news is not responsible if a sponsor doesn’t keep it’s engagement.