The aGBe homepage updated with a few news since a long long time:

Hey! Yeah, I know, You’re all probably thinking”Geeze, there hasnt been an update for a long time! This sucks!”(Well, that’s what i’m thinking now anyways). So I’ll let you in on the current news: + Ceddy’s working on the CD loading routines . However, I hear there are some wierd compiling problems that are hindering progress. + I’ve requested a project space on I Really like the CVS part of the site, and I think that It’ll be a good tool for development. Anyone who is interested in coding for aGBe should get a (free) account at and download WinCVS (or whatever platform you have). I’m still waiting for approval, but i’m sure i’ll go through. Then the source will be available for everyone to work on! (Yay!) + School is killing me right now. 🙁 – gxd