Here is the text taken from it’s homepage:

This is my first videogame project. That is to say, it’s the first time I’ve done something involving a realtime game loop where things happen in the background regardless of what the user is doing. I made this demo for the specific purpose of making a game-like-thing.I chose to remake a section of the first level from the Sega Genesis Aladdin because Aladdin is an example of a game that still looks good today. Unlike other Genesis games, the color use is minimal allowing ugly effects like dithering to be avoided. As a result, the game looks solid and has some amazingly smooth animation thanks to the Disney artists who contributed to the project.The demo was created from scratch, from defining my own object structures, to creating animation and scrolling system, and eventually taking care of collision and object AI (although I wouldn’t really call what’s present in the demo”intelligence.”) Non-programming areas like cutting out frames of animation from the original and putting together backgrounds in a map editor took up the bulk of the development time and were the most tedious tasks….