Gendal comes up with an improved version of abzero’s Angband port for the PSP again. Angband is a BBS style looking RPG game. Changes:

v0.4 (07/21/2005)

  • Loading and saving should be much faster now, as well as responsiveness in the help system [Gendal]
  • Removed overclock during loading, no longer necessary with general speed improvements [Gendal]
  • Removed all fixed path’s in code. Should now be possible to rename directory to whatever you please. Note older versions are unable to operate inanything other than an”Angband”directory [Gendal]
  • PSP bmp screen dump will now ask for a filename. Loading screendumps will not work however. [Gendal]
  • If an error causes Angband to call it’s quit function, pause and let the user see the error, as well as exit more gracefully. [Gendal]
  • Fixed local mktime implementation which would sometimes result in regenerating the template files when it wasn’t really necessary. [Gendal]