Image provided by: abszeroabszero updated his rouge like game for the PSP. This is a classic looking BBS RPG game. Changes:

  • – Fixed bug that made it difficult/impossible to change the top level macros.
  • Fixed a display bug in the macro editing instructions.
  • Fixed a bug where editing a macro automatically executed the macro too.
  • Added a battery indicator. Meter in the bottom right corner indicates remaining power and says whether or not the battery is charging (AC). As the battery drains, the indicator shifts from blue to red to help prevent the battery going out by surprise.
  • Now runs at 333 MHz during the slow startup phase, cutting the load time from a little over a minute to 40 seconds. Once it reaches the point where it either loads/creates a character, it goes back to 222 MHz.
  • Fixed up the thread priorities and such so that the Home button works reliably now. Suspending still crashes the game though.
  • Makefile now has a ‘release’ target that compiles the release folders
  • Screenshot function now available. Unlike the html screenshot most versions of Angband take, this one records the actual image data on the screen (including the OSK, etc if they’re visible), and saves it to a bitmap in the lib/user directory. The screenshot command is ‘(‘ as is normal for Angband.