I received an e-mail from Paul Lay, coder of Astrohawk for Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance. He send me an updated version of Astrohawk for SNES, but i guess it’s better to read the mail i got 😉 As soon as the downloads are enabled you can get the updated version in the SNES/game section.

Hi Kojote,When downloads come back online, could you please update the SNES version of Astrohawk with the new version attached.A few weeks ago I had someone ask me about audio on the SNES and I ended up dusting down my midi converter and music player which left me in a nostalgic mood.Many years ago Astrohawk stopped running on emulators, but as it worked on real h/w I figured it wasn?t my fault. However, having just done a bit of debugging I?ve found that I had some data being used by the VBI which wasn?t initialized until after a selection had been made from the title screen. Whoops! The date on the title screen source file was 1998 so it?s taken me 5 years to fix this one. The program now runs on ZSNES 1.36 and Snes9x 1.39 and while I was at it, I?veadded music and sound effects.Also, you might like to make the GBA version of Astrohawk available ? you can download it from www.astrohawk.co.uk where there?s an instruction booklet available too.Cheers,Paul