Mike sent an update version of his Babarian GBA conversation to GBAdev. You can get the download from there. The changes:

Changes so far from last release:-* Completely reworked the animations and cut down the number of frames per move (the GBA version still has more frames than the origonal version).* The sword is now incorporated into each frame whereas before the sword for most frames was drawn seperately due mainly to a smaller cell size. (NOT ALL FRAMES HAVE SWORD IN YET)* Painted in all clothing.* Completely reorganised all data structures to make frame drawing and animations quicker and more compact code-wise. This also meant a complete rewrite for most of the code but I’m pleased with the result. I’ve now had to put in a delay loop which gives me spare CPU time….* Added hit detection. You can now hack the opponent about and he responds by staggering or falling over. (Decapitation also done.)* Added blood splatter at point of impact.* Added blood staining to the floor (An extra improvment on the origonal).* Added scoring updates for successful attacks.* Added life level updates for successful attacks.* ADDED SOUND. Fulldirect sound added during fights.* Fixed bug on title screen which caused glitching if A or B pressed instead of START.TO DO.* AI* Tweaking. (Sfx, Gfx and collision.)