SamuraiX continues his great work on the port of”Beats of Rage”(BOR). It’s a solid and free beat ’em up 2D sidescrolling game. Release notes:

Updates:-New Memory Management System (Should be able to play most if not all bor mods).-New Memory Thresholds option under PSP Options. (Defaults to High Any issues try Low).-New Load Time option under PSP Options to help load times. (“Enhanced”will switch CPU to 333 then back to 222)-New Analog Pad Support.Fixes:-Out Of Memory while loading levels refer to (Memory Thresholds Options).-End Of Level Stuck Bug finally fixed in widescreen mode. Tested with two different mods that used to get stuck.Usage:-pak file must be renamed to”bor.pak”lowercase letters.-Delete settings.sav and allow BOR to create new one for this release!!!!!!!!!-Use DC, PS2, Xbox and PC mod paks in that order due to PSP Memory limits.