Are you keen on a 2D Counter-Strike like game? RR4 is on the way to bring you such a game. Thanks toGP32xfor the news.

Notes concerning version 0.6: – the posting of the shootings is provisional, I do not have yet a pallet of definitive color… – in the same way for the players (you me etonnes), I must still do all the sprites of the 2 equipes. – idem for the chart, I use CS rips for this version, version ADIC will be made with not copyright?graphics (even if it means to arise 1 version ‘ classique’ of the play except ADIC, with original CS graphics) – the equilibrage of the weapons and the equipes is still to make, it may be that you die in less than 3 seconds on this version – I am conscious of the fall of the framerate at certain times of the part, and I already reper?ome parts of the code to be optimized – in this version, you are in the equipe anti terrorists, accompanied by 3 club-footed – you deal with the equipe terrorists made up of 4 club-footed – the weapons are selected aleatoirement at the beginning of the part (use Select to change weapon, the club-footed ones are on the other hand constrained to keep the same weapon all the part) – there is no yet objective other than to kill all the enemies (not hostages, or of bomb with desarmer) – the part acheve when you die or all the members of oneof the 2 equipes died (not of messages of congratulations or other) – you do not have for the moment that 3 weapons at disposal: gun, shotgun or machine-gun (in the final version, they more and better will be parametr? (a number of balls per salvo, time between each salvo, time of recharging, Nb of ammunition, ray of impact, etc…), and will include/understand grenades also) – the chart used is a chart of test (without any interest other than to allow me to test ‘ the invisibilit?well hidden blocks) – the enemy shootings are visible even if they are hidden by 1 wall, it will be corrected later – there is for the moment no graphic interface, approximately, I have even all graphics to make, but that will come 🙂

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