I’ll be on a demoparty the next few days. The demoparty is called”Breakpoint 2003″and is a kinda Mekka Symposium replacement (more or less). Here are some more information:

The party will be held at the Bundeswehrdepot in Bingen am Rhein. Bingen itself is a small city on the river Rhine, in south-western Germany. It’s around 80km west of Frankfurt/Main, and 100km south of Cologne. It can be reached easily by car, rail, plane and ship. Among the features we’re planning are:

  • Lots of competitions for Amiga, PC and C64, music, graphics and the rest
  • no gamers, no script kiddies, only creative people
  • Space for more than 1000 visitors
  • Warm sleeping hall (+hotel reservation service)
  • A meadow outside the party hall (really 🙂 to crash, sit and drink
  • Warm showers (in a seperate area, connected by the bus) Tasty food at decent prices (Currywurst, Fries, Pizza and more) Full list
  • A working party network (no promises about the speed)
  • Traditional entertainment provided by Steeler and our new co-host XXX
  • a BIG screen and powerful sound system
  • Seperate chillout/meeting/boozing-tent
  • Second stage with djs, liveacts and more.
  • Lots of fun compos, liveacts and surprises…
  • …and of course scenish, friendly atmosphere created by us and YOU
  • http://breakpoint.untergrund.net/