c64psp is a Sony PSP port of Christian Bauer’s Frodo C64 emulator. Currently, disk image handling is not implemented, but pressing”Start”will load the file”snapshot.fss”from the main c64psp directory. USB connectivity is enabled on startup, so simply replace”snapshot.fss”with a snapshot saved from a desktop version of Frodo running your favourite game and just hit”Start”to reload. Control is limited to emulation of the Port 2 joystick. Diagonals may not seem to work properly, but this seems to bea PSP problem, not an urchin problem. Video seems to work well, though is not centered at the moment. Sound is working, but there seems to be some voice drop out – not sure yet whether this is Frodo, SDL_mixer, or urchin related. c64psp has only been tested on a firmware V1.5 PSP and was developed using SDL for graphics, SDL_mixer for video and the pspdev compiler toolchain. Intended as a preview, there are many features missing and probably many unexpected features included.