The port of Caprice (CPC emulator) for the GP2x has been updated. As the release thread holds the changelog in spanish, here is a plain bablefish translation:

  • Eliminated scr_width, scr_heigh, scr_window and scr_style of the CAP32.cfg (so that? 320×200 full screen and goes that it shoots… no? )
  • Eliminated of I cosay to 32 source all”drivers”of 24 and bpp
  • Added parametro — nosound to deshabilitar audio (Priority on parametro of the CFG) Asi we can have the audio one qualified, but deshabilitar when we want from scrip or the selector of Kounch, without reediting the CFG – DIRTY TRICK to raise framerate… I have obtained with frameskip zero that emu shows the same rate of imagenes that without the sound before. 200Mhz we can play 84% of the speed of the originalCPC, and 250-266 mhz the 100% in mayoria of the cases. It depends on the intensive use that matches of the AY (audio chip of the CPC) the AY makes us lose a 12% of the speed… Not to use frameskip greater of 2, because this DIRTY TRICK fight a little with I cosay of frame skip…
  • Eliminated button START for reset of the CPC (So that? mola to see those yellow letters in blue bottom and despues you not key in anything) and used now to mostrar/quitar info of emu. SELECT continues being worth to leave emu.
  • Volume + and -, they serve now to fit the volume 8)