Skeezix let me know that he has released a new version of his Atari ST emulator for the GP32. Changes are:

    CHG:Now going to release as two binaries.. a fast with okay sound one, and a pitifully slow one with good sound. Sucks.NEW:Built a simple dialog system, so can present cute little menus.CHG:SELECT toggles into/out of Frameskip mode (so you can get into frameskip from any mode, and back to that mode when you’re done!)CHG:START brings up a new Options Dialog, where 99% of everything is doneCHG:Firing-up screen shows sound status and a tiny bit of helpCHG:START used to pause in 004; Options menu pauses emulation, so START will in effect still pause.. and START again to dismiss the dialog and resumeCHG:Moved Mouse Calibrate to the options menuCHG:“Left shoulder”is nolonger used to cycle between input modes; instead the options menu has all the modes on it, to make them easier to pickNEW:“Toggle sound”is available on the options menuCHG:Disks menu on the option menu, where youcan save the floppies to SMC, and will soon have Eject/Insert, etc.CHG:Right-shoulder in mouse-mode now toggles over to Cursor mode; Cursor mode right-shoulder toggles over to mouse-mode. Now you can toggle between the two modes with no work!CHG:Keyboard mode.. going off one side wraps the key-selection to the otherNEW:When in frameskip mode, left shoulder sets to 0 frameskip, while right shoulder sets to 90 frameskip. Bam!CHG:Bottom part of screen shoudl always be black, to keep visibility highNEW:Disk submenu now sports Eject operationsNEW:Disk submenu now supports inserting new disks; first eject current ones, then insert the new ones!

Visit the Castaway/GP homepageherefor more information and the downloads. NOTE: The button assignments have nearly all changed so read the readme before using. Dont forget to give any feedback on this new release on the post by Skeezix on our forumshere