I wonder if the author of this emulator has a private life 🙂 v0.091 is out! The changes:

Release 009.1————-CHG:Savestates are incompatable with them from 009! I’d open them up and do an in-game disk-save if you can before going to 009.1!NEW:You now get 8 savestate slotsNEW:In the file picker, it now shows the filename of Disk A beside the saved state, so you have some idea where it came fromFIX:Handle bad savestates betterCHG:Bumped to cache version 2 .. cache will rebuild as usedNEW:Disk selection is sorted alphabetically (“asciiliciously!”)NEW:Appears people were inserting disks without ejecting first; this would cause a reboot/crash for drive B: (ST too smart for us), so we now implicitly eject the disk for you when you insert a new one 🙂NEW:Changed disk menu to use our pretty dialog systemNEW:Disk picker now shows”A:”,”B:”,”ROM”beside the currently selected disks, when you pick new ones