A new version… even not one hour ago v0.091 has been released… Changes for v0.092:

Release 9.2———–NEW:Left-shoulder will toggle into keyboard mode, or back to the last mode. (Much like select toggles frameskip, or right shoulder toggles cursor/mouse in those modes). Bear in mind if you use left-shoulder to toggle to keyboard, and then hti select to go to fameskip, you will have confused the”last mode”, and will probably end back up at”mouse”sooner or later 😉CHG:Caching of CRC’s is temporarily removed, since its acting up on some units.. I’d rather have it not crash for everyone, than work for 90% :/ I’ll catch it when I can see it.. so far doesn’t occur to me 🙁CHG:File picker tries to keep the same scroll area when submenus pop up, so so you don’t lose your spot (selection stays on same item, but in 9.1 the selection would scroll to center on return to file picker focus)