Skeezix let me know that he has released a new version of his Atari ST emulatorCastaway/GP. Changes are:

    Release 11.2NEW: You can bind the value”menu_configload”to a button (say, left shoulder) This brings up the config ->load dialog, so that you can very quickly jump between config selections!Release 11.1NEW: The”print”config command now adds text after the”Custom”mode indicator; so if you print”MyMode”you’ll see”Custom MyMode”. Handy to know what mode you’re in (what config was last loaded).FIX: When you hit Config ->Load and there are no .CNF files, it now gives an error instead of crashing :)FIX: Somehow from 10.5 private to 11.0 test version I broke the d-pad bindings.. fixed now.FIX: Frameskip mode wasn’t displayed properly in the indicator, due to changes done in 10.5/11; fixed now, so like normal again.

Visit the homepageherefor more information and the downloads.