Jeff updated his Atari ST emulator for the GP32. As usual there are a lot of changes:

Release 12.1CHG: Added game count to bottom right of gamelist menuCHG: Some dialog internals to make them handle large numbers of options/gamesRelease 12.0 – killer!NEW: Game listing mode! In this mode, disks that you have previously SELECTed (put into the cache) will now show their games all together in one big sorted list! Gamelist-menu now lists games known in your cache in alphabetical order, as well as putting in uncached disks at the bottom so they’re still findable; hitting A or B on a game will select it for disk insertion as in the disk menu; right shoulder will toggle back to disk picker. Leftshoulder does not do deletion in this view. Select will look up a disk to show you the other games on that disk, and Start will fire things up as normal. So the gamelist view works more or less the same as the normal disk view but is prettier for your cached games :)NEW: Games database can now look up .zip file contents, so hitting Select works on .STx, .MSA, .RAW (savestates) and now .zip’s (w00t!)CHG: Removed wide-desc mode that was in 11.6CHG: Right-shoulder in disk picker now toggles between disk-menu and gamelist-menu (which is new)