CaSTaway has been updated and included following changes:

NEW: Added new menu item to Configuration submenu; Adjust Clock Speed. You can now set the GP32 clock to 66, 99, 132, 150, 156, 160 or 166MHz. Everyone can run up to 132MHz, and hopefully you can get to 156 or so; some can run at 166MHz (including me! :). Your battery performance goes down the crapper though at that speed, but you can turn your framerate way down.o NOTE: Everything is very carefully cycle counted here.. including sound processing to the ST main CPU; so if you clock up and the emu is running mega fast, then sound will be higher pitched; so you can decrease frameskip until its just right. If setting frameskip to 0 and its still too fast, it means you’re clocking too high so you might as well clock down a little to get it right and save some battery power.o NOTE: Now I need to add throttling code so that even if you clock too high it’ll run the right speed; for now, you can fiddle with your clock and frameskip to get it right :)o NOTE: Most people probably do not need to run at 166.. Castaway/GP is already pretty fast!o NOTE: Don’t blame us if you pop your unit, though evidence would suggest the worst that can happen is your unit crashes; just turn it off and you’re good to go :)o Thanks [SoD]Thor! (Thor got me through a brief brainlapse 🙂