Skeezix pulled out an update version of CaSTaway, the only known Atari ST emulator for the GP32 right now. Here are the changes:

Release 14.0————* NEW: Added support for 144MHz option in Adjust Configuration screens* NEW: Added config variable for setting the clock speed from a config file (ie: You can set it in default.cnf for kicking off the emu, or you can set it in loaded .cnf files from button presses etc.)* key: clock-speed* values: as of version 14.0…* 0 66MHz, 1 99MHz, 2 132MHz, 3 144MHz, 4 150MHz, 5 156MHz, 6 160MHz, 7 166MHz, One of these days I’ll alter it so you specify the clock rate itself * NEW: Added config variable to say”I’m a blue plus”to fix LCDkey: bluplus (value: 1 (blu+) or 0(blu/flu))* NEW: Added option to Adjust Configuration to toggle BLU+ setting on and off