Oh well…

here we go:

– The contact page had an white background, this is fixed now. It should fit now to the other black backgrounds on each page.
– The E-Bay Banner moved from the upper frame to the left one.

GP32 Additions
– GPDivx v0.00 – Pre Alpha by ZardozJones (Application)
– GPDivx v0.01 – Pre Alpha by ZardozJones (Application)
– GPDivx v0.02 – Pre Alpha by ZardozJones (Application)
– GPSpeccy v0.02 by ZardozJones (Spectrum Emulator)
– GPSpeccy v0.05 by ZardozJones (Spectrum Emulator)
– PCE GP Beta 2 by OMSK (PCE Emulator)
– Test:23 by Hitmen (Demo)
– SMS32 v0.5 by Aj0 (Master System II / Game Gear Emulator)
– Sokoban (Public Beta 1) by Clem (Game)
– Sokoban (Public Beta 2) by Clem (Game)

Neo Geo Pocket Color Additions
– Music Demo 1 by Ivan Mackintosh (Demo)
– Dodgerby Ivan Mackintosh (Game)
– Diamond Run by Ivan Mackinthos (Game)

Gameboy Color Additions
– Stadin Brankkari by ph0x (Demo)
– Water Effect by ph0x (Demo)
– The Lake Effect by ph0x (Demo)

The re-launch date is still the 20th of this month, and the page is still NOT PUBLIC!