Edison Carter has updated his Trainer for the PSP Game”Liberty City Stories”. A few supported cheats are: Infinite Health and Armor, Set Wanted Level, Set Time, Set Weather&Spawn Anything. Release notes:

v0.6 release notes:

I left the Dodo more realistic. If you pull back too much on the stick, it’ll stall and descend. Like a real plane of this type, you can’t climb too much too fast without losing too much speed. I think this was the amount of power they intended it to have because with more thrust it has a bad noseclimb problem.

I made somemore optimizations to the video recorder. It’s a little faster now.

Thanks to:
Lloyd for help with finding car colors.
J?mie Blanc for finding car speed at offset 0x0124.
GFCC for the Vice City never fall off bike cheat, it was instructive.
ADePSP for the FAQ and for testing.
Waterbottle for help finding car health.
J?mie Blanc for help finding memory locations for no reload.