Here’s a game similar to Columns, Jewel Master, or Salu’s Acid Drop. The playing field is 6×20, and the goal isto get groups of 3 or more like-colored gems in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Any time such groups are created, they will disappear and any gems above will fall down into gaps thus created. If this creates more groups of three in a row, those too will disappear in a chain reaction.Move the controller left and right to steer the current column of gems. Press fire to rotate the gems within the column. Press down on the joystick to drop the column quickly. In this version (not in the”real”game) you may push up to move the column of gems upward. Also, if you don’t like the current triplet of gems that’s coming down, you may change it by pushing up on the player two controller [again, this is a playtesting feature which will not be in the real game].The game ends whenever a set of three gems is not able to fall completely onto the screen prior to any gems disappearing. This will happen immediately if gems are piled to the top of the third column (where new gems always appear).Getting three gems in a row is worth a”base”of one point; four in a row two, five in a row three, etc. In a chain reaction, the second batch of gems is worth double, the third batch triple, etc. One gem may scored in multiple directions. For example, suppose columns 1 and 3 contain, from bottom up,”green red green red red”and a”green green green”gem is dropped between them. This will score four points for the green gems (two diagonal and two horizontal threesomes) and then another four points for the red gems (two vertical threesomes, doubled).