Clem released a really neat”Connect 4″game. It supports 3D graphics including different angles to view the board.

About the gameConnect-4 was first marketed by MB in the late 70s. MB later became a part of Hasbro. There is no reference to Connect-4 on, so I assume it’s out-of-production in the US now. In Europe however it is still being sold (it’s present on for example)Goal of the gameThe goal of Connect-4 is to have 4 tokens of your color in a row; either horizonatally, vertically or diagonally.InstallationPut the connect-4 executable in gp:gpmm or gp:game (if you can launch it from there). Create a connect4 subdirectory for the save file (this is optional, else the save file is placed in gp:gpmm)SavingConnect-4 saves the number of games won, lost and ending with draw to SMC, along with the highest unlocked difficulty level.