By request of”Robert L. Hunter, IV/Entertainment Software Association”I had to remove the Fangame”Donkey Kong by FJSantos”which was an Open-Source, one Level GBA homebrew.

If you happen to host this on your pages too, please remove it.In case FJSantos is reading that, you might modify the game and re-release it so they can’t complain about it anymore.


PS: If you happen to find any suspicious or problematic material on PDRoms, please let me know. It’s not a problem at all to remove things upon request, but don’t bitch around by talking about taking the whole site offline!

Update 25.07.2006
I finaly got the”reading confirmation”of my response from the ESA, wow that took a while. So once again I want to point it out: If any suspicious material is found, send a mail to webmaster(at) and it will be removed as soon as I got notice of it, which usually takes not more than 10 hours.

Also consider titles which have similarities to commercial titles as fangames and not as agression against anyones copyright or trademark. No one on PDRoms intends to steal someone elses property and spread it in any form. We have not done this in the past and we will not do this in the future.

Update 27.07.2006
I’ve recieved the following lines by brad_yo today:
This is very short but here the thing the Entertainment Software Association had a DK fangame remove but Entertainment Software Association is just a anti-pirate group and does not have any copyrights over DK (Donkey Kong) only Rare & Nintendo do and their for the game should have not been remove. Anti-pirate groups have no right to bug people over what ain’t their business and the DK fangame was wrongly removed no copyright holder should ever be obeyed when it come to copyright.