I have had a bit more time recently to work on two of my projects Darts GP32 and WinGP. Heres some quick info on them both.Darts GP is currently being moved over to 16bit display. You can see on the screenshots that the menus are looking better as before the background images were looking grainy due to limited palettes. I have cleaned up the game routines so its easier adding new game types, theres now four games and I might add another two at a later stage. I havent updated the actual game graphics to 16bit yet as I need to redraw the dart board with more colors to make it look a bit more realistic. Gonna work on the game graphics next as it looks rubbish now :)WinGP has been nearly totally rewritten as its expanded from just a program launcher into a more feature packed program. Like Darts GP32, I have changed the display into 16bit so the program looks alot nicer now. So far the Start Menu part of the program is complete (screenshots just show Program Files at the moment). There is also a basic built-in text viewing program which I am currently working on (image viewing will be done as well). After this I will be working on a file manager style feature which will support File Associations, this can be used for example to load your ROMs in supported emulators or view images or text files etc using the above mentioned features. I am also planning some other nice features which will make WinGP more usefulthan a glorified program launcher.. you will have to wait and see what these features are though ;)Theres some screenshots to check out over atGP32Emu.