as promised the other day I said I would release the new version of Darts and here it is. Unfortunately there are several features missing in the game due to lack of time, you can read more about them in the notes.txt file. Here are the main changes for this release:

    – Everything is now in 16bit display- Redesigned Menu system with music.- New dartboard graphics and animations.- Choice of practice game (1P) and two human players (2P). Sorry, no CPU opponent.- Music and sound effects.- Announcer speech.- New ‘Drunken Dart’ routine (not happy with it though).- Dart throw power gauge.

Also included with the download is a PDF manual on how to play the game, doubling out chart and the controls. Please give feedback on this game, officially this is the final release but if I get good feedback theres a small chance I will fix up any bugs etc. I especially want to know the aiming difficulty, too easy or hard? You can do this by posting on my forum posthere.You can download the new release fromGP32Emu.